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Catholics without a Church

Meet our Staff

Your wedding done your way!!! At Catholics without a Church, we believe that your wedding is not just any wedding; it is your wedding.

We believe that our ministry is to provide you with the widest possible range of choices to make your wedding precisely your wedding.

We offer the Word and Sacraments to all who seek them without preconditions, judgment or platitudes.

The spiritual, but not necessarily religious, find us an open, welcoming community. Those disenfranchised from their institutional churches of origin find us ready and willing to serve their spiritual and ceremonial needs.

We have ten members on our pastoral staff. All either hold a degree in ministry (Master of Divinity or the like) or under the direct supervision of our dean.

Father Milton is our dean, a fancy word for secretary, clerk, phone answerer and scheduler. He is usually the first contact a couple has with us. He has many reviews and is well known by most venues in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. He was the first White Robed Monk in Texas.

Bishop Patrick George(retired)is our Abbot's designated assistant bishop. He is kindly and very experienced. .

Mary Deacon Mary Eileen is our female deacon. She was ordained in 2006. A product trainer and demonstrator by trade, she has a vibrant personality and the rare ability to connect with any one. She serves in Houston. (In case you are wondering about a female deacon/priest, we do not believe the Jesus instituted 7 sacraments for men and only 6 for women. All are equal in the presence of God.)
Our deacon intern Aaron is our youngest in age, but is graced with wisdom. He lives in Houston, but travels as needed. He is a producer of sports radio shows in Houston.

Father Tony O'Donovan is an Irish born priest. He resides in Dallas and serves Dallas/Fort Worth. He has years of experience. He brings a wonderful pastoral feel and dedication to service that overcomes his brogue.

Father Ben Williams is extremely involved in emergency services. He is often the first on the scene of a disaster with water and blankets for the victims. As with all of us, he is flexible and able to customize your ceremony to you.

Father Fred Ashmead serves the People in too many ways to list. He is gentle, kind and understanding.

Padre Rafael speaks fluent Spanish and serves in the DFW area. He maintains a counselling center, Casa Andrea, in Dallas, Texas.

Phone: 713-822-1073 | email: Milton@catholicswithoutachurch.org

Catholics without a Church | Houston, TX | Pastoral Staff: Rev. Milton Raybould, MDiv