Donation Policy

The officiant sets the tone of the entire wedding celebration. A Wedding should be a fun filled and joyous event. Any officiant who does not set a joyous tone should not be officiating weddings. The officiant must know when to laugh and when to be solemn. The officiant must be able to perceive the mood of the gathering and respond to it in the most appropriate way possible. The officiant must be able to roll with the punches, rein in the horses as necessary, calm the children and stand with the couples’ wishes. The officiant must reflect the sacredness of the couple’s vows and the humanity of us all. For us these are not “aspirational” but expected realities.


We are not just “ceremony readers” but highly experienced, trained and skilled validly ordained Catholic priests. Almost every couple we work with offers us a donation for our spiritual and/or sacramental services. We do not maintain a fee schedule for what we do. We provide Catholics sacramental services to all who seek them without question. We do our utmost to mirror God’s acceptance of us and God’s love for us. Over the past 20 years, Catholics without a Church had established itself as the sine non qua, the bench mark of compassion, competence and service, all other Catholic jurisdictions seek to reach. Over the course of thousands of weddings, we have always been prepared and professional; we have never missed a wedding..

While we do not charge for our services, they should not be considered free. We are frequently asked what is the usual donation. Wedding coordinators and couples tell us that 2% of the total cost of the wedding is the appropriate donation for a wedding officiant. We believe that is an appropriate amount for a donation. We are now requiring a deposit of $150 to reserve the requested date.

The deposit is separate from the donation. If any of this is a problem for you, please contact Father Milton.

Please use the donate button to make your deposit.If donation check is made payable to Catholics without a Church, it may be considered tax deductible. Online donations should be made BEFORE the rehearsal. We can accept a credit card, paypal, a venmo transfer, and a zelle transfer as a donation at the wedding venue.