Donation Policy

Catholics without a Church does not, on principle, maintain a charge or fee schedule for our services. Our services are intangible, of a purely spiritual or religious nature. We do, however, gratefully accept free will donations.

We believe we offer a unique service in our Catholic Sacramental approach coupled with our compassionate attitude of service to the People without restrictions, preconditions or burdensome regulations.

We are aware that many priests/ministers/officiants maintain a fee schedule or require a contract and/or deposit. We, on principle, do NOT. Once you complete our marriage petition and we agree to officiate your wedding, our word and yours is our contract.

We ask that you consider the following factors when deciding upon a donation amount:

  1. our priests/deacons normally spend at least 10 hours per wedding;
  2. our priests/deacons are a highly trained and skilled persons, not a “mail order minister/rabbi” amoung us. All either hold a divinity degree from a major seminary and/or have been mentored and trained by our Dean.
  3. a significant portion of any donation goes toward our charitable work;
  4. our dean's administrative costs (web page, postage, telephone, travel expenses, vestments, documents, continuing education of staff, regional meetings).

We ask couples to be generous and proportionate to the total cost of the wedding.  Many couples ask "what is the customary donation?"We will discuss with each couple what would be an appropriate donation, should they ask. We also ask that distance and travel time be considered in a donation.

If donation check is made payable to Catholics without a Church, it may be considered tax deductible. Online donations should be made BEFORE the rehearsal. We can accept a credit card, paypal, a venmo transfer, and a zelle transfer as a donation at the wedding venue.

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