Donation Policy

Catholics without a Church does not, on principle, maintain a charge or fee schedule for our services. Our services are intangible, of a purely spiritual or religious nature. We do, however, gratefully accept free will donations.

Unlike most monastic orders, our clerics do not receive any financial support or recompense. Like St. Paul, our priests and deacons are “tent makers”. That is, like St. Paul, we support ourselves and our families through various types of employment. We freely give our time, effort and skills to further our mission of making the world a more compassionate place.

Regarding donations, we are aware that many priests/ministers do maintain a fee schedule or require a contract and/or deposit. We, on principle, do NOT.

All of that being said, we ask that you consider the following factors should you decide to offer a donation:

  1. our priests/deacons normally spend at least 10 hours per wedding;
  2. our priest/deacon is a highly trained and skilled person, not a “mail order minister/rabbi”; All either hold a divinity degree or have been mentored and trained by one of our degreed priests.
  3. some couples are not able to make any kind of donation;
  4. a significant portion of any donation goes toward our charitable work.;
  5. administrative costs (web page, postage, telephone, travel expenses, vestments, documents, etc);

We ask that couples be generous and proportionate to the total cost of the wedding.(Wedding planners tell us that 2% of the total cost of the wedding is appropiate.) We also ask that distance and travel time be considered should you make a donation.

Should you decide to proceed with us, we will send you our donation policy letter which offers a range that other couples have told us is fair and just. But, in any case, whatever you might offer is what you offer.

If donation check is made payable to Catholics without a Church, it may be considered tax deductible. Should you decide to make an online donation for a wedding, please do so BEFORE the rehearsal. We can accept a credit card donation at the wedding site.

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