We offer all Sacraments to all without question, precondition or judgment.

Many couples do not know where to turn for Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion or Burial Services. Often their church of origin turns then away. They have not been "members" long enough, or they might be divored and remarried, or cannot attend months of classes. We offer an alternative.

We offer valid Sacraments to those who seek them. Offering compassionate service is the signature of our service. Our vision of Church is the people of God on the journey of life toward our resurrection destiny.

For those interested in pursuing a path to Holy Orders, we offer a complete preparation package and mentoring program. Just call us for details.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Sacrmants offered by Catholics without a Church.

We have been to church for years. Is that a problem?

Of course NOT, We believe that every one is offered God's saving love and grace. The Sacraments are the visible signs of that love and grace.

Are there any restrictions?

No, we do not believe in restrictions, only possibilities.

Where can the services be held?

We do not maintain any physical buildings. We are welcome most everywhere that welcomes visiting clergy. Often families invite us into their homes for the Sacraments.

Do you do Quinceaneras?

Yes, we do. Some families would rather have a service for their daughter alone, or on her birthday, not in a "class". We offer you that option. To book us just complete our Quinceanera Request.

What will the service look like?

It will be what you want it to be. We do share rituals and liturgies with the Roman church so it can look like what some people might expect.

What must I do to schedule a Catholics without a Church priest/deacon for Sacramental services?

For a Baptism,for funeral services or other Sacramental services, just call 713-822-1073.

Peace and Joy will be yours!